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Thu November 3rd, 2016
Adipose Derived Stem Cell Market: Challenges and Opportunities
♦ Download Free PDF Brochure @ The global adipose derived stem cell market is estimated to grow at a high rate in coming years. A number of factors such as increasing private and public funding to support stem cell based researches, growing awareness related to the role of regenerative medicine in disease treatment, rising regulatory approvals for adipose derived stem cell targeted clinical trials across the world, and increasing industry-academia partnerships for development of advanced stem cell line manufacturing technologies are fuelling the growth of adipose derived stem cell market. However, technical limitations related to preservation and scale-up of stem cell lines, high cost associated with stem cell processing, and ethical issues related to the use of allogeneic stem cell lines are some of the key factors hampering the growth of this market. Emerging markets including China, India, South Korea, and Brazil have become attractive destinations for companies engaged in the development and manufacturing of adipose derived stem cell products. A number of factors such as growing preference for use of adipose derived stem cells in therapeutics and emerging markets offering low regulatory barriers for conducting clinical studies are offering new growth opportunities for players active in the global adipose derived stem cell market
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