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Fri November 18th, 2016
Plant Stem Cell Market, What will be the upcoming trends & technology in this Industry
The plant stem cell market is an emerging market and is continually upgraded with further researches on different plants for exploring their capacities to serve the market. It has been proven that naturally occurring botanicals containing antioxidant levels have the ability to protect human skin cells from UV-induced oxidative stress, neutralize free radicals and reverse the effects of photoaging. View exclusive Global strategic Business report for plant stem cell: Stem cell technology has been proffered as one of the key elements to reaching the next level in skin care efficacy, but the excitement around the advances is also mired in confusion and misinformation. When we refer to stem cells technology for skin care application, we are actually talking about plant stem cells. The use of plant stem cells is becoming more and more popular, because they represent a sustainable tool to develop new active ingredients for the market, providing alternative solutions to the more conventional products.

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