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Pancreatic Fistula Market Projection On New Trends And Technical Advancement For 2024
Generally defined as an abnormal connection formed between the pancreas and any adjacently located body structures, organs, or spaces, a pancreatic fistula (PF) is characterized by the pancreatic fluid leakage post-disruption of pancreatic ducts. After pancreatic resection or acute/chronic pancreatitis, pancreatic ducts may disrupt and the fluid may leak out. If the leakage is excess and not addressed in time, the result may be infection or excoriation, or morbidity owing to malnutrition in worst cases. Often a burden for surgeons, pancreatic fistula tend to complicate the pancreatic resections in case of acute as well as chronic tumors. Whether the fistula is internal or external, worse complications may also arise in case of necrosectomy after severe pancreatitis, and penetrating and blunt trauma. For Any Queries Get Solutions With A PDF Sample : According to the location, pancreatic fistula are of two key types - internal and external. The former one involves communication of pancreatic duct with pleural or peritoneal cavity. It may also communicate with a hollow viscus. However, the latter one communicates with the skin. The type of pancreatic fistula can vary according to the instant predisposing cause and disease process.

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