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Thu November 10th, 2016
World Healthcare IT Market | Future Trends | Upcoming Opportunities
Download FREE PDF Brochure: The significant increase in demand for medical care has also increased the chances of error in diagnosis and claim settlement. This has lead to the introduction of systems such as CPOE (computerized physician order entry systems), integrated systems such as enterprise-wide PACS (picture archive and communication systems), EMR (electronic medical record). These not only helped reduce medical errors, but also helped improve the management of health related information. Low cost IT solutions, financing programs, and interoperable solutions are the focus of top healthcare IT solution providers. With rising adoption of healthcare IT, healthcare delivery models are expected to evolve from clinic centric to patient centric models such as preventive healthcare, remote patient monitoring, telemedicine, and home healthcare. Healthcare industry has always faced immense need for cutting edge technology for patient treatments and monitoring. However, the industry has been slow in adopting IT technologies in their workflow. The scenario is nevertheless changing now, with greater need to cut healthcare costs, immense demand for faster, better healthcare delivery along with reduced medical errors. Healthcare IT enhances clinical and administrative workflow and thus is increasingly being used as a strategy to reduce operating costs and improves the efficiency of healthcare delivery. Healthcare IT systems come across as a cost effective solution for augmenting the clinical and administrative workflow of healthcare providers.

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