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Mon October 10th, 2016
Neuromorphic Computing Industry: Gaining Familiarity of Neuromorphic Computing Technology and Rising demand for Artificial Intelligence
The neuromorphic computing systems are programmed as brain inspiring devices, which are capable for low energy and high speed simulations of synaptic plasticity with spiking neural networks. The two neuromorphic computing systems are BrainScaleS system and SpiNNaker system. The BrainScaleS system is purely based on mixed signal and analogue emulations of neuron, synapse of plasticity models with digital connectivity going up to 10,000 times faster than the real time. The SpiNNaker system on the other hand is based on numerical model, which runs in real time on custom digital multicore chips. The simulation and models for this system is provided in Python script, which uses PyNN API. In-Depth Industry Analysis By Professional ,Get Free Research Brochure:

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