April 27-28 2021

What the Heck is Hybrid? Produced by Labroots

COVID-19 has shaken everything we knew about coming together as communities, learning, interacting, networking, and exchanging knowledge. In 2020, companies reacted to the situation to the best of our ability - some cancelled their annual event while most went forward with virtual models. 2020 can be defined as a 'reaction year' – we all did our best to support our communities in these challenging times.

Planning ahead, while preparing for your Company's events post Covid19 era, there are still too many unknown variables in the equation.

We are all facing the same questions:

  • How to plan ahead, signing contracts with venues, presenting plans and budgets?
  • How to communicate the hybrid model to your audience – differentiating the on-site and online benefits and setting tiered registration fees?
  • What to sell to sponsors and exhibitors – which exposure we can give them in a hybrid model, onsite and online?
  • How to plan the hybrid budget model - is it double the cost and double the risk?
  • How to create a real and effective synergy between the online and onsite participants?
  • How do virtual events impact your marketing budget and return?

Planning or waiting for answers is not an option! The digital era and the abundance of opportunities to share knowledge online are nullifying the geographical boundaries and audience loyalty. Companies that will not fix their online presence in the changing landscape may easily find themselves chasing a rapidly decreasing audience in a fight for their ’market share’. Companies must have and demonstrate solid plans for a constant presence to keep audience loyalty.

In this virtual conference, we will address and discuss these burning questions and share our experience and knowledge. The conference includes three to four sessions and an optional workshop each afternoon.

This virtual event will be produced and hosted by Labroots. Labroots is the leading scientific social networking website, offering top scientific trending news and premier educational virtual events and webinars. With over 13 years of experience, Labroots has become the leading virtual event producer in the world.

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Day 1

The times shown are BST I CET +1  I  EET / CAT +2  I  AST +3  I  HKT +8  I  UTC -1 I EST -5  I  PST -8

Each session includes 20 - 25 minute presentations followed by Q&A with the speaker.











Day 2

The times shown are BST I CET +1  I  EET / CAT +2  I  AST +3  I  HKT +8  I  UTC -1 I EST -5  I  PST -8

Each session includes 20 - 25 minute presentations followed by Q&A with the speaker.




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