SEP 15, 2014 8:00 AM PDT

ACOs and New Lab Coagulation Solutions

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  • Laboratory New Venture Developer and Value Specialist
      Dr. Eleanor J. Herriman is a laboratory new venture developer and value specialist. She is a physician executive with 20 years of varied healthcare industry experience. Previously she was Chief Medical Informatics Officer at Viewics, Inc. Eleanor was also a faculty member at Harvard Business School's Institute for Strategy and Competitiveness. Prior career experience includes: market research and strategy services to the pathology and laboratory industries at G2 Intelligence, healthcare strategy consulting at Bain & Company, and multiple startup medical technology ventures. Dr. Herriman holds a Doctor of Medicine degree from Baylor College of Medicine and was awarded the Presidents Scholarship. Dr Herriman also holds a Masters in Business Administration from Harvard University Graduate School of Business Administration as a Baker Scholar and a Bachelors of Science in electrical engineering from Rice University with a minor in bioengineering.


    The healthcare market is rapidly evolving toward a value-based payment and delivery system with significant business implications for laboratories.   Specifically, these value reform dynamics pose either a threat or an opportunity for labs depending on how financially-at-risk providers view the clinical contribution of lab services.  Because they impact physician decision making, direct personalizing therapies, support population care management and accurately predict cost and outcome risk, laboratory services can bring tremendous value to Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs), one of the primary new delivery models in value-based care.  Further opportunities are available for laboratories to deliver value generation solutions for providers in the coagulation disorder area.  Dr. Herriman provides examples of both opportunities and makes the case for laboratories to pursue these new types of offerings now.

    • Describe the new value marketplace and its implications for laboratory business models.
    • Explain why value-based models pose either a threat or an opportunity to laboratory services.
    • Identify specific example opportunities for labs to generate value in partnership with clinicians.

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