NOV 08, 2023 8:00 AM PST

Time to revisit RNA preservation - Synergy Blood Collection Tube

Sponsored by: SIO2 Materials Science

Event Date & Time

Wednesday, November 8th | 8am PDT


This presentation will focus on various aspects of SiO2 blood collection tube (BCT) preservation of RNA in human whole blood. The preservative composition is proprietary but is formaldehyde-free and eliminates crosslinking. This characteristic gives Synergy a key advantage unlike other tubes on the market for human, whole blood. Specifically, low hemolysis without gDNA contamination is now possible for over 30 days. Furthermore, there is minimal effect of temperature fluctuation on RNA quality when using SiO2 preservative. This allows blood samples to be transported and stored at room temperature until extraction. SiO2 BCT has proven to be an effective product in maintaining the concentration, purity, and integrity of RNA. The extracted RNA has a lot of potential value in genetics testing, and other downstream applications as demonstrated by our customers. Ultimately, SiO2 BCT has provided diagnostic companies, labs, and hospitals the opportunity to refocus on extracting patient information from high quality RNA enabling better analysis on various NGS platforms.

Company Info:

SiO2 Materials Science is a company with deep roots in materials science and engineering and a track record of innovative packaging products for pharmaceutical drugs. The company also manufactures engineered blood collection tubes and a proprietary blood preservative for the Genomics & Diagnostics market. This technology solves many unmet needs in the molecular diagnostics marketplace and opens new possibilities for genomic laboratories.

The SiO2 Materials Science blood collection tube has the exceptional sample integrity, preservation, and shelf life. SiO2 blood collection tubes are the only product on the market that has the vacuum retention properties of glass, and the toughness and durability qualities of plastic. This unique combination of features and benefits in SiO2 blood collection technology is second to none.

SiO2 has formulated a blood preservative to extend the shelf-life of nucleic acids contained in unprocessed, whole blood. The SiO2 preservative has been formulated and tested thoroughly on preserving various nucleic acids such as genomic DNA (gDNA), cell free DNA (cfDNA), and RNA.



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