SEP 16, 2020 12:20 PM EST

Genomics: A programmatic approach to bringing Genomics in-house



Factors we considered when bringing NGS to our in-house lab and holistic benefits to patient outcomes​.

Norton Healthcare has integrated genomics testing into multiple aspects of patient care for several years. During this time, utilization of this service has grown exponentially causing delays in being able to review this information timely as part of a patient’s overall plan of care. As a result of delays and the increased positive response by providers in utilization of genomics testing, a team was brought together to create a program around in-house genomics testing.

In 2019, the decision was made to bring genomics testing in-house. This decision was made to help decrease delays in testing, increase utilization of this testing, the ability to integrate this type of testing in more areas and the desire to create state of the art programs across our system.

Operationally, bringing genomics testing in house is a multifaceted ask requiring involvement from many different areas, timelines and a structured approach. The steps we took involved grant funding applications, vendor reviews, vendor selection, contract review/negotiations/amendments/execution, and internal planning on logistics, operational buildout, technology integration, and full program creation.

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