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<a href="" target="_blank">Action Factory Life coach academy & NLP training institute & Corporate training Centre</a><br>

We believe our <a href="" target="_blank">Life coach academy</a> & <a href="" target="_blank">NLP training</a> institute can deliver the techniques and skills for people to experience shifts in behaviour, emotion, beliefs and thoughts.

People are not broken. We have behaviour programs that don't serve us in our lives anymore. Most unwanted behaviour has served us well in the past but as our lives and environment changes so should our behaviour patterns. As babies we cry for food, love and attention. At some stage of our lives we alter these behaviours to adjust to new understanding and experiences. We do the same with all our behaviour patterns. But, as we mature we seem to find it more difficult to adjust behaviour patterns. The longer we use them, the more engrained they become. Often we need an outside catalyst to assist us to change. That catalyst is you as a NLP Life Coach.

The Action Factory Life coach academy will teach you the skill and techniques to assist people to "reprogram" themselves to match the behavior and experience they seek. We focus on what people want instead of what the problem is. Our training is outcome based ensuring real people experience real results for real situations in a real world.

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