Ash Semien
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Ash Semien is a Houston, TX based entrepreneur, data engineer and systems architect; currently serving Rice University as the Application Systems Administrator responsible for the organization's web operations infrastructure. Through his private venture; Greyseason Research, he is leading the development of an open source and affordable hardware, software and hybrid cloud analytics platform for personalized medical diagnostics and monitoring at the point of patient care for clinical, military and biomedical research applications.

Ash recently designed a secure transport protocol and public API for biometric data nicknamed "BodyLanguage". The new protocol opens the door for custom development of applications or "BioApps" against an individual's own unique bioinformatic data; thereby catering the management of a person's health care needs to near real-time metrics and quantifiable trends. His goal is to bring data driven health care to the masses and specifically to populations which are economically disadvantaged, underserved or under-represented.

Prior to Rice University; Ash was a senior developer at psychometrics firm Birkman International and has held prior engagements with a variety of Fortune 500 organizations including IBM / SoftLayer, PriceWaterhouseCooper and Samsung. He is an associate member of the Ken Kennedy Institute for Technology and was previously an executive in the non-profit industry.

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