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Bob Goddard is a journalist and author of fiction and non-fiction books.

Non-fiction: ‘Land Of The Long Wild Road’ explores the forgotten tracks and trails of New Zealand on a pair of small motorbikes. ‘Beyond Bucharest’ follows a death-defying ride across Europe. Both feature generous dollops of humour to keep the wheels turning on Bob and his wife Viv's motorbikes.

Fiction: ‘Mother Moon’ is an epic science-based novel. The Earth is facing disaster. What hope for a stranded colony of Moon scientists? What hope for the survival of Mankind?

From the back cover: “2087 – A colony of scientists is stranded on the Moon as the Earth faces imminent disaster. 1504 – A wooden sailing ship is navigating the dangerous waters of religious fundamentalism. Two events separated by space and time, yet destined to collide in a simple twist of fate.
“When a comet changes course and heads for Earth, the finger of blame is pointed at one country. The entire planet is thrown into chaos, while on the Moon a colony of scientists faces the bleak prospect of being stranded – forever. Is this the end of Man… or the rebirth of Mankind?”

Before turning his hand to writing books, Bob was a journalist for Lincolnshire Free Press, Spalding Guardian, Motor Cycle News, Motorcycle Mechanics and Motorcycling magazine. He was also editor / publisher of Southern Life, Microwave Cook, Gridiron, Multihull and Tennis magazines.

Bob lives in Norfolk, England and in Cyprus with his wife Viv.

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