Chip Albright
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I’m active in the Laboratory Furniture and Fume Hood Industry and a member of SEFA. Formerly President/CEO, now sharing my unique industry knowledge and experience with small to mid-sized companies. Offering creative problem solving to help move companies forward with clients in over a dozen counties. Experience in addressing the volatile global market and finding paths to success.

I'm passionate about coaching people one-on-one and teaming up with people and companies to help them reach their full potential and improve their performance.

Specializing in Product Design, Engineering, Product Testing, Lean Manufacturing, Sales and Marketing and Management Coaching, Change Management, Strategic Transformation, Digital Convergence.

In this rapidly changing market, many companies need to pivot. I am a proven transformational thinker and a very good operational leader. Our industry requires technical knowledge and I am uniquely qualified to provide that expertise. My hands-on approach gets results. I'm uniquely qualified to assist in improving your business.

Assistance in SEFA Product Testing, design of Laboratory Grade Products including next generation smart devices.

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