Cynthia Foss Bowman, MD
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Dr. Cynthia Bowman has been a broad based general pathologist for over 30 years. She graduated with a BA in Chemistry from St. Olaf College, received her MD from Vanderbilt University Medical School, and trained for 6 years at the University of California, San Francisco as a surgery intern and then anatomic and clinical pathology resident. She worked as an emergency room physician during training and has always had a clinical perspective in her practices. She has worked in California, Maine, Massachusetts, New York and Australia as an anatomic and clinical pathologist and laboratory medical director in small, mid-sized, tertiary and academic  medical centers. She is currently Medical Director at Enzo Clinical Laboratories, a commercial reference laboratory and bioscience company in the NY metropolitan area, and in that capacity collaborates with the development and integration of molecular services into clinical testing.  She has been active in national laboratory organizations, especially the College of American Pathologists, where she was chair of the Point of Care Testing Resource Committee. In that capacity she guided the introduction and was the senior editor of a web-based POCT toolkit as a resource for laboratory director leadership in POCT.  She has also written and edited multiple educational pieces for the laboratory community as part of the CAP Excel Survey program and in 2012 she was awarded a Life Time Achievement Award by the CAP. She has spoken at AACC and CAP meetings and currently serves on several CLSI document development committees. She is currently chair of an International Federation of Clinical Chemistry POCT task force work group addressing the use of glucose  meters in critical care patients.  Her professional commitment has always been to integrate and translate pathology and laboratory medicine services into effective clinical care. She has dedicated her efforts in POCT as part of that vision to collaborate with all stakeholders and involve laboratory services as part of the continuum of care. She enjoys evaluating technology and integrating it into laboratory services.
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