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a lot of the "debunking" around pheromones is from the Great Pheromone Myth book. As an avid research of this phenomenon, it is beyond obvious that the writer had very little interaction with the research that was available at the time. Since its publication, there has been tremendous research to support the idea of human pheromones - the only evidence that is lacking, is the mechanism involved in processing these signals.

Here is a very comprehensive list of current research:

Unless there is a physiological explanation for effects such as an increase in cortisol, skin temperature, etc they cannot be "proven" with a conventional scientific method. There is however evidence that pheromones can and do influence certain behaviors.

There is a certain “researcher” who had heavy commercial interests in pheromones who paved the way for scammers to turn it into the circus it is today. There is a lot of disagreement about pheromones and whether they actually exist, but the main source of the debate seems to stem from whether or not the vomeronasal organ (VNO) functions or not. Regardless, there is proof that there are effects from exposure to certain ectohormones (like androstadienone), so there may be another way that humans perceive these specific chemo-signals.

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