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The Groups feature of the LabRoots website is where users can engage in meaningful discussions with other like-minded individuals. To participate in one or more Groups, just navigate to the Groups section from the navigation menu at the top.

Once you are on the Groups page, you'll notice there are many Groups that appear on the page itself. You're welcome to join a group by hitting the "Join" button on any group you see fit. You'll notice that there are a list of Popular Groups on the right column (on a desktop) as well.

If you are looking for a Group for a particular topic that you don't see at first sight, we suggest using the Search box to see if a discussion about your interested topic exists.

If you don't see a Group for a topic that you're interested in, you can always start your own! To do this, just hit the "Create Group" button:

If you do this, you'll be asked to fill out a form that involves you filling out the Group Name, a Group Description, and uploading an image that will be associated to the group.


  • How do I start a group?
    On the main groups page, you'll find a "Create Group" button. Press it and you'll be on your way to starting your own LabRoots group!
  • How can I join a group that has already been created?
    Once you've find the group you are interested in joining, just click into the group. You should see a buttin that says "Join" once in that specific group. Just hit the button and you'll join the group!
  • How do I find relevant groups?
    When you navigate to the Groups page you should see a list of all the Groups currently created. You can scroll through the different groups and see which you find relevant!