JUL 29, 2015 11:22 PM PDT
Watch What Happens When You Make a Weightless Water Bubble Fizzy in Space
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It's no doubt that the astronauts in the International Space Station have a lot of fun experimenting with things, but when you give them a 4K video camera, which captures amazing high quality video at resolutions higher than most personal computers, they can record some really awesome stuff.

NASA has published this video showing off what happens when you make a floating bubble of water fizzy in the middle of space. With microgravity, the bubble of water just floats around in the air and the fizz from the tablet injected into the bubble stays inside of the bubble of water.

The joys of microgravity are something we would never be able to experience here on Earth, so with these new high quality cameras, ultra clear footage like this gives us what feels like a front row seat to see exactly what happens when these experiments take place on the International Space Station.

I'd really love to try this for myself for my own entertainment, but I have a feeling Earth's gravity isn't going anywhere any time soon…

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