AUG 03, 2015 08:48 PM PDT
Here Are 10 Things We Don't Quite Understand About Our Universe
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Our universe; we're living in it right now, but it's still such a mystery that we can't even begin to comprehend because it's older than we are and so difficult to measure.

There are so many different theories about how the universe was formed, but still, even some of the things closer to us continue to baffle physicists and astronomers. Scientists are always rushing to come up with conclusions, and just like that, another new theory takes the front seat.

Although the universe itself is a mystery, so are many of the things that go on inside of it. We as humans find that the universe is very complex.

In this video, ten things that continue to baffle us are put into perspective. What do you think are the reasons for why these phenomena occur?

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