AUG 22, 2015 09:58 PM PDT
This Guy Uses His Head to Extend the Signal of His Car Remote
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Those of you with electronic door locks on your cars are probably all too familiar with the daunting feeling of when it seems like no matter how close you get to your car, the unlock button just never seems to get picked up by the car.

It's common on earlier cars, like those in the 90s, and not so much with newer cars that use Bluetooth and improved radio signals, but this guy appears to be able to amplify his wireless remote signal by touching his car key to his head.

As it would appear, his head works as an amplifier. It is very clearly demonstrated that when trying to use the remote directly, the button fails to make the car honk, but when touching his head, it honks from much greater distances away.

So what's going on exactly?

Since your brain is about 75% water, the electromagnetic wave produced by the remote control can take advantage of those water molecules in your head to produce a much larger signal than the remote alone can produce, and it will be sent at the same frequency as it would with the remote alone.

So more importantly, you're probably going to want to know if it's dangerous. Well… no. Because the radio signal is so insignificant, it won't have any effect on anything.

Now I have to go and try this myself!

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