AUG 24, 2015 07:03 PM PDT
This Stingray Found a Snack it Couldn't Resist
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Stingrays have to eat too, and when it sees a molted crab on the bottom of the sea, you can bet it's going to go for it.

Crabs typically have a hard and spiky shell to defend themselves, and after watching this video, you'll understand why. But sometimes, crabs molt, or lose their shell until they can grow another one, which can take weeks. It's common when the crab out-grows its shell and needs a new one.

During the time that a crab has molted, it's particularly vulnerable to predators, like stingrays, which just hover over them and basically suck them right up off of their feet like they were a vacuum cleaner.

Here, you'll watch the struggle between a hungry stingray and a crab fighting for its life in the wild.

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