SEP 05, 2015 07:11 PM PDT
Watch This Ravioli Can Become Engulfed By Lava
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Among some of the coolest natural forces of the Earth is lava, which is flowing molten rock that spews out of a volcano. This flowing rock can reach anywhere from 2200º Fahrenheit, which is incredibly hot compared to a kitchen stove.

The flowing molten rock in this video moves at about 2-3 miles per hour, which is just slow enough for the cameraman to stay far enough away to capture on video what happens when the lava engulfs a sealed can of Ravioli.

As you can see, enough pressure can build up inside from the boiling fluids to burst the cap right off of the sealed can. Steams from the boiling fluids are much more volume-consuming than the fluid counterparts, so when the steam adds up and has nowhere to go: boom!

The fluids inside get super hot very quickly because the contents are sealed in an aluminum can. Aluminum is a great heat conductor, which leads to the easy flow of energy from outside of the can to the inside.

Don't try this at home folks; the splatter from the can may cause burns, or worse, the lava could be deadly.

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