SEP 17, 2015 04:48 AM PDT
Nuke Mars? Hold on there, Mr. Musk
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Billionaire Elon Musk does a lot. It seems like he never sits still. He owns a car company at the cutting edge of technology, a rocket ship company that hopes to colonize Mars and an energy company that wants to harness the endless free energy the Sun provides. He thinks outside the box, and decades into the future, but wait, what's this about nuking Mars?

Musk appeared on the Stephen Colbert show and in talking about some of his ideas, Colbert asked him how he thought humans could live on Mars. Clearly, humans could only survive on Mars inside of sealed domes, with their own energy sources and no one has a fool proof plan for this yet. Musk did have a radical idea though. One way to warm up the planet would be to drop nuclear bombs at each pole of the planet. Watch this part of the interview, and decide for yourself: Hero or villain?

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