SEP 22, 2015 09:39 AM PDT
Check Out This HD Pluto Surface Render NASA Made With Images From New Horizons
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NASA has been slowly receiving high quality photographs of the Pluto flyby mission from the New Horizons spacecraft as it continues into interstellar space, but the distance of the spacecraft from the planet Earth means that getting those photos takes a relatively long time.

Nonetheless, NASA has been able to create an animated render of what Pluto's surface looks like up close, by stitching together all of the HD close-up photographs that NASA has received so far.

The render, which is animated, appears to show the entire surface of the planet as it rotates in the animation. The detailed render shows every little detail on the dwarf planet's surface, including every little crater and bump, and even the "heart"-shaped plain on the surface.

NASA says more is to come of this fabulous world, and that New Horizons hasn't seen its end yet. New Horizons is expected to check out a Kuiper Belt Object (KBO) next in its line of duty.

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