SEP 28, 2015 08:37 PM PDT
This is Why We Put Telescopes Into Outer Space
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There are many telescopes here on Earth that scientists use to observe the distant worlds throughout outer space, but there are many things that prevent these telescopes from getting the full view of what's actually out there.

For example, clouds in the Earth's skies can prevent telescopes from getting a clear view, as can air itself, which blocks a certain spectrum of light. Moreover, the light produced by the Sun, reflected by the Moon, and even generated by human activities here on Earth can also hinder looking out into outer space for discoveries.

For that reason, scientists actually have telescopes in outer space, which transfer data back to the Earth. By being in space, these telescopes can avoid the distractions of everyday life on Earth, such as man-made light, clouds, and air.

There are also several other benefits, as well as difficulties, of space-planted telescopes that you'll learn about in this video.

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