OCT 09, 2015 04:47 AM PDT
Tangled Up in Space
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The concept of quantum entanglement has been one that theoretical physicists have been arguing over for decades. Einstein did not believe it affected the space time continuum. His theory of relativity applied to massive objects, like planets and stars, and he felt it could not be involved in tiny particles being connected.

More recent theories say it definitely affects space. Even across the vastness of the universe, if tiny particles are connected by being entangled together their mass, direction and velocity are impacted, and this in turn plays out in space. "Everything points in a really compelling way to space being emergent from deep underlying physics that has to do with entanglement," says John Preskill, a theoretical physicist at Caltech in an interview with Science News Magazine. Something that could confound Einstein and cause so much debate has to be looked more closely. Check out the video and learn more about the concept as it applies to our universe.

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