OCT 16, 2015 06:02 AM PDT
Ancient Mars Had Even More Water
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The news that evidence of water has been found on Mars is exciting, but what scientists are learning now is even more significant. Curiosity has been collecting tons of data in the Gale Crater and analysis of that data shows that there were large fresh water lakes 3 billion…with a B….years ago. While there are only small traces of water left now, back in the day, there was a lot more.

Mount Sharp, at the center of Gale Crater, was examined by the Mars rover and the layers of rock there show that a lake there was at least a few meters deep. Scientists were also able to tell that the lake at the center of the crater would have been there for possibly thousands of years. It would have frozen and thawed in turn with the Mars climate and even have been tidal. Check out the video to see more details of what kind of planet Mars was in the old days.

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