OCT 31, 2015 07:28 PM PDT
We May Have Discovered a Parallel Universe
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There are two kinds of people in this world: 1) those that believe we're in a universe, where the only universe is the one that we're in, and 2) those that believe we're in a multiverse, where there may be multiple parallel instances of our ‘uni'verse.

New data suggests that it may be plausible that one of those parallel universes could be bumping into ours. The ESA's Planck telescope has discovered very bright light at the edge of our universe that really shouldn't be there. It's brighter than we would expect it to be, and the idea is that the light could be spilling in from another parallel universe bumping into ours.

Since the multiverse theory suggests that those many parallel universes would be essentially right next to each other in the fabric of existence, infinitely expanding right next to each other, it would only make sense that eventually, one may penetrate another.

The light could, of course, be something completely different, although scientists seem pretty stern on investigating the theory that it could be a parallel universe. NASA is expected to hop aboard in investigating the light over the next couple of years when funding is granted.

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