NOV 02, 2015 09:07 AM PST
Here's the Scientific Fact That Even Bill Nye is Blown Away By
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Bill Nye, the famous science guy we've all heard about, can explain almost any scientific fact in a form of English that even school children can understand. It's very fascinating actually.

On the other hand, one scientific fact that we've all come to accept at this day in age has Bill Nye's mind blown. The fact that we're all made up of space dust from the formation of the universe across the time span of the Big Bang until now.

"You and I, everything you can see here, the camera itself; we are made up of dust from exploded stars." Bill Nye said in a video in collaboration with Business Insider. "That fills me with reverence."

It is something that can be hard to figure, because we're not all dusty, nor do we leave traces of space dust everywhere we walk, and interestingly, everything around us is made up of different kinds of matter. Nonetheless, we're considered ‘space dust remnants' of stars that have exploded.

It's a big topic to think about, but it's the reason that we dump so much money into space exploration to try and find out more about how the universe was formed. Only science can answer these questions we have.

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