NOV 04, 2015 09:32 AM PST
These Are Some of the Largest Bugs Ever Recorded on Earth
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When you think of a bug, or an insect, you typically think of something small enough to squish. But, here on the amazing planet Earth, there are bugs that can grow larger than your hand.

Although they're typically unique to certain places of the world. Large insects do exist and if you're not a bug person, they can be downright terrifying.

Among some of the bugs you'll see in this video are large wasps, large spiders, large butterflies, large pill bugs, and more. Although you might be used to insects that would fit on the tip of your finger, most of these would require two hands to carry properly.

Moreover, yes, some of these bugs have been known to attack humans, which is even more frightening. This is mostly the case with the more aggressive bugs, like the wasp.

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