NOV 06, 2015 07:47 AM PST
Ultrasonic Levitation
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A team of UK and Spanish scientists has created a system that can levitate small objects using sound waves. It's been known since the 1930s that sound waves could be used to levitate small objects, and systems that do this have been created before. What's unique about this system is that it only requires speakers on one side. All previous ultrasonic levitation devices have required speakers on the bottom and all sides.

This is a neat technology, but scientists are really excited about its future applications. Thoughts are that it could be hugely useful in medicine, that perhaps it could be used surgically, or for manipulating organs or cells, or possibly even medical devices. It's also though that this technology might be useful in space travel. Imagine how much less expensive it would be if we could levitate things into orbit without using any fuel at all.

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