NOV 09, 2015 11:38 AM PST
This Five Year Old Boy is a Prodigy
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Whenever you hear the word "telepathic," you think of something hardly scientific, but instead, something more along the lines of paranormal. Nonetheless, it's a quality typically attributed to those that are diagnosed with some kind of disability, such as Autism.

In this case, we have a five-year-old boy named Ramses Sanguino who is reportedly capable of reading in different languages, and even capable of solving algebra as early as the age of four, but the mother believes that the child is also capable of reading minds through a medium known as telepathy.

The boy may just have a sense of luck when it comes to guessing numbers, but the mother often tests Ramses by writing down a number and then asking him to guess the number.

Since the credibility of the mother alone can't be taken as scientific fact, a neuroscientist went to the house to test Ramses herself.

In the test, a completely random group of numbers were generated, and Ramses was able to guess 3 out of 5 of the numbers correctly without knowing what they were by looking at them. It's not a perfect guess, so telepathy is likely an inconclusive answer, but nonetheless, his abilities are far beyond his age and are pretty incredible.

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