NOV 12, 2015 09:47 AM PST
This Simulation Shows How Dangerous Spacewalks Can Be
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When it comes to maintaining the International Space Station, sometimes astronauts have to go on a spacewalk, which is when they have to exit the International Space Station and walk along its surface to fix, upgrade, or maintain its hardware and equipment.

NASA astronaut Scott Kelley just performed a spacewalk to grease some components, such as the arms of the International Space Station, and route some new cables that could be used for future missions.

In this video, you'll see a simulated worst-case scenario. It demonstrates what an astronaut may experience should debris ever come flying at them during a spacewalk mission.

Of course, this type of issue rarely happens due to the scientific minds at NASA, who have developed advanced technology and strategic problem preventative plans that protect astronauts from potential hazards.

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