NOV 21, 2015 07:23 PM PST
Is Hypnosis Real?
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Hypnosis is something that people typically attribute to mind control. This is what television has put into our minds for centuries, in the movies were doctors take control of a patient's mind then start having them do crazy things until the fingers are snapped.

But is real life hypnosis a real thing? It actually is. Hypnosis just isn't what movies make it out to be. Instead, it's a type of state of mind that can in induced by vivid detail and pure brainpower.

In this video, you'll be taken through an exercise that tests something known as a stroop effect, which is a state of mind that can be controlled via hypnosis. It's all about focus and brainpower to get over the hurdle that is the stroop effect.

Hypnosis has been measured with brain activity equipment and there is evidence suggesting that a patient going through hypnosis affects the brain patterns in various ways. Obviously, different people react differently, so there's no set standard for hypnosis - either it's your thing, or it's not.

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