NOV 26, 2015 09:23 PM PST
Here's What 11 Years of Cassini Photographs Look Like When Sped Up to Just Under 4 Hours
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The Cassini spacecraft is in our solar system right now within the neighborhood of Saturn and its 62 confirmed moons. Over the 11 years that it has served its duties, we've received some pretty intense photographs from NASA showing what the world looks like.

In this video, which combines 11 years of photographs taken into a 3-hour and 48-minute compilation, you'll get to see just about everything Cassini has seen over the course of its mission.

Because the photographs are moving so rapidly, it almost gives the illusion of a real-time effect. You can clearly see the planet spinning and the stars moving behind it as it orbits the Sun.

Please keep in mind that the flashing changes from the images are rapid in order to keep the video length down, so if you have epilepsy, or are known to suffer from seizures or other physical conditions related to flashing lights, you should proceed with caution (you have been warned).

Video Credit: Wall Street Journal

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