NOV 28, 2015 11:09 PM PST
No, Oxytocin Isn't JUST a Love Hormone
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Oxytocin is a hormone manufactured in the brain that is often incorrectly referred to as the "love" hormone. But it's also used in many other functions of the body, such as socializing, spending time with your pets, or even simply feeling fear.

In some testing, oxytocin has even been known to keep test subjects under the influence of alcohol soberer. What's more is it can actually help with the brain function of children with autism, which means the hormone could actually be captured somehow and used to our advantage.

But will it be? It depends. There are moral issues with creating something that would allow people to drink alcohol with improved sober response, as it might actually make people want to drink more.

Oxytocin has a lot of uses, and it's certainly not just a love hormone, as it has been labeled in today's common knowledge.

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