DEC 04, 2015 05:04 AM PST
Rare Breast Cancer in an 8 Year Old
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Breast cancer isn't something normally found in children, but an 8 year old girl from Utah has been diagnosed with a very rare form of breast cancer called secretory carcinoma. Fewer than 1% of all breast cancers are of this type, and in children only 0.1% of tumors are secretory carcinoma. The child noticed a strange lump in her chest and reported it to her mother, who had her seen by her pediatrician the next day.

The patient, Chrissy Turner, has had one surgery already and will likely face more.. In addition, chemotherapy and radiation are being considered by her doctors. Her parents have both battled their own cancers as well, her mother survived cervical cancer and her father had a bout with Hodgkin's. After her treatment is complete Chrissy will be monitored with yearly PET scans.

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