DEC 04, 2015 01:21 PM PST
Space Travel is Costly, But We've Learned a Lot
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Space travel is the thing of the future. NASA and other space agencies are creating goals for having people travel deep space missions away from Earth to other planets, and want this to happen within just the next few decades. But in the mean time, we're busy launching rockets and experiment-filled spacecrafts to the International Space Station to gain more knowledge about the physics of space.

Is it worth it? After all, space travel is not cheap, and the yield of what we get in return is very minimal, isn't it? - Well maybe not so, but it depends who you ask.

Space travel has helped us advance technology. NASA needed certain things to make space travel possible, and as a result, engineers poured time and effort into finding new ways to accomplish fixes for problems that would occur while in space.

For example, now we have computer chips, memory foam, insulation, and other necessities all thanks to space travel. On the other hand, the bigger and bigger we dream of missions, the costlier it gets. So where do we draw the line?

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