DEC 05, 2015 07:38 AM PST
How to Achieve a Good Night's Sleep
POSTED BY: Xuan Pham
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Ever go to bed only to wake up even more tired and groggy? This could be due to fragmented sleep.

As it turns out, a good night's sleep is not just about getting in the proverbial 8 hours; good sleep is tied to continuity of rest. In other words, even if you did get in 8 hours, interruptions during the night can make you feel less restful.

In sleep studies researchers found that people who were forced to awaken multiple times during the night experienced negative moods and cognitive decline the next day. In addition, other research found that fragmented sleep, even if for the full 8 hours, had the same effect as sleeping for just 4 hours a night.

So, silence the alerts from your smartphone when you go to bed. Better yet, some experts suggest removing it completely from your bedroom. Drawing the shade and blocking out light could also help reduce interruptions. In general, when it comes to achieving a good, restful night's sleep, aim for quality over quantity.

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