JAN 14, 2016 05:22 AM PST
The Debate Over Breast Cancer Screenings
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There are three separate organizations that have published guidelines on breast cancer screening and all three have recommended a different age and schedule for mammograms. So where does that leave women? The American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology says to start at age 40 and screen every year. The American Cancer Society says age 45 is better, but agrees with screening every year. Finally the US Preventative Task Force bumps it to age 50 and advises screening every 2 years. Confusing to say the least.

Most health insurance companies are required by law to pay for screenings at age 40 and once a year thereafter. Physicians differ in their opinions though, some looking at family history, overall health and other factors as opposed to arbitrary guidelines, since not all women are the same.

Check out this video on the debate. Where do you stand on screening for breast cancer? Tell us in the comments

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