JAN 16, 2016 11:15 PM PST
Is Holding Your Urine Too Long Bad for Your Health?
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The long-told wives tale of holding your urine for too long leading to health problems is a true fact, but in what kinds of scenarios can it actually lead to health problems? - After all, you aren't always around a bathroom.

The answer to that question is that when you hold your urine in too much instead of regularly letting it out, you can develop a problem known as urinary retention, which is when the special sphincters in your bladder that hold the urine in from being leaked out don't allow all the urine to pass on a single bathroom trip.

Can a bladder burst? There are rare cases where it's possible, but as explained in the video, these instances are typically hard to come across because the brain normally overrides the urge to hold the pee and allows the fluid to pass when there's simply no more capacity available.

The bottom line is that to maintain proper bladder health, you should empty it regularly and try not to hold it for extended periods of time often.

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