JAN 28, 2016 06:43 PM PST
This Scuba Diver is in a Wheelchair, But That Doesn't Stop Her
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Most people would think of scuba divers as fit human beings with full access to their arms and legs for swimming purposes, so when you think of someone in a wheelchair going scuba diving, you might be hesitant that this is actually possible, especially when the added weight of the wheelchair would just make the diver sink.

Fortunately for this scuba diver, who is stuck in a wheelchair, engineers were able to create a special custom wheelchair designed specifically for scuba diving. Despite being tethered to a wheelchair, Sue can dive to her heart's content because of the finished product.

The wheelchair is fitted with special equipment for the diving experience, including a buoyancy control module that uses air to supply Sue with oxygen, as well as help the chair float upwards when Sue needs to travel up. Electronic propulsion paired with a unique fin-like foot plate also helps Sue move around in the direction she wants to go.

The lesson to learn from all of this? Never say never; even if you're in a wheelchair.

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