FEB 07, 2016 07:41 AM PST
10 Bizarre Diseases With No Cure
POSTED BY: Xuan Pham
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The pace of technology, medicine, and science advancement is faster now than ever before. We've innovated vaccines that prevent the spread of deadly diseases like smallpox. We've come up with a plethora of antibiotics that combat many bacterial-borne infections. If an organ fails, doctors can try to transplant a healthy one in its place. These discoveries and more have helped to extend our lifespan and increase our quality of life significantly.

But despite these advancements, there are diseases that still escape modern medicine. Most of these diseases are quite rare; some affect only a few people in the world. Some of these diseases cause early and painful deaths, while others don't affect the lifespan of the sufferers. Still, all of these diseases drastically impair the quality of life for the people affected by it. And for these unfortunate patients, medical cures for their conditions can't come fast enough.

Watch the video to learn 10 of the most bizarre diseases that have no cures.

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