FEB 18, 2016 12:04 PM PST
Watch this Time Lapse of the James Webb Space Telescope Being Assembled
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The James Webb Space Telescope is the next major space telescope that will be launched, and it will be the successor of the current Hubble Space Telescope. With it, scientists are hoping that modern technology will allow for more distant sight, as well as the discovery of new celestial bodies that are still unknown to mankind.

In this video, which is a Time Lapse taken by NASA, you can see the James Webb Space Telescope's primary mirror as it is assembled, piece by piece.

The primary mirror of the James Webb Space Telescope has a total of 18 mirror segments that make up its primary mirror system - each one weighs 88 pounds, and together, they make a surface that spans 21.3 feet. The surface was completed on February 3rd.

The James Webb Space Telescope will be launched some time in 2018.

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