FEB 19, 2016 05:10 AM PST
How Cells Become Tumors
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In its very early stages, cancer is just a few cells that have gone wrong. The problem begins when those cells multiply and form tumors. Researchers in Iowa have shown for the first time the mechanics of how these cells grow into tumors. Using 3D image technology, cells in breast tissue could be seen developing into tumors.

While it was theorize that cancer cells would all somehow stick together and form tumors, that's not how it happens. Cancer cells actually go towards other cells and turn them into cancer as well, in a kind of cellular recruiting. It was also discovered that it doesn't take that many cells to form a tumor. Just 5% of cancer cells can turn into a tumor. Check out this video to see how the cells convert other cells and how this new information might help in the fight against cancer.

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