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Stop uranium mining in the Grand Canyon!
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Although this particular video is several years outdated, its message is as strong as ever. With the new Greater Grand Canyon Heritage National Monument Act, introduced by Arizona congressman Raúl Grijalva and tribal leaders from Havasupai, Hualapai, and Hopi, there is a current movement attempting to permanently ban new uranium mines on public lands that surround the Grand Canyon National Park. Although it is unlikely that this bill will pass in Congress, Obama has the power to proclaim the 1.7 million already public acres as a national monument. This would add further protection to the land. In short, the bill would:
1. Protect 1.7 million acres of tribal homeland around the Grand Canyon, including water sources and sacred sites
2. Ban new uranium mining claims (making the current 20-year ban permanent)
3. Still allow hunting, grazing, recreation and other uses to continue under existing law

Uranium mining near the Grand Canyon is a grand pollution concern not only for the region directly involved but for the entire water basin, as uranium can leak into clean water sources and contaminate them to the point of toxicity. The Navajo Nation and surrounding citizens have been fighting uranium mining for years. Voice your interest in keeping the canyon clean and protecting the human rights of citizens throughout the area by signing this petition (http://grandcanyontrust.nonprofitsoapbox.com/grandcanyonnationalmonument) encouraging Obama to legalize the land as a national monument.

Sources: Grand Canyon Trust, The Huffington Post

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