APR 12, 2016 02:58 PM PDT
The Science Behind What Keeps a Yoyo Spinning
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Yoyos are fun toys that people have enjoyed for generations. No, they're not video games, but playing with them and learning the tricks with them is a lost art.

Nevertheless, what keeps the heart of the yoyo spinning for as long as it does when an experience yoyo trickster shows off their moves?

At the core of many yoyos is a special metal machined ball bearing unit that sits atop the yoyo string. These ball bearings kill off the friction that would normally be imposed by spinning forces, and as a result, a yoyo can spin on its string for a solid ten minutes before coming to a halt.

Weights can be added to the yoyo's outer shells that further perpetuate movement and fuel the ball bearing to continue spinning.

Now you probably want a trick yoyo, don't you?

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