APR 19, 2016 08:27 AM PDT
CRISPR Gene Editing in the Classroom
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The technique of CRISPR gene editing is the newest way for scientists and researchers to manipulate genes. By knocking out or knocking in certain genes, diseases can be eradicated, crops can be protected from insects and even certain traits can be switched on or off. While most of the work being done with CRISPR gene editing is done by PhDs and other scientists, at the University of Colorado, one professor believes that undergraduate students should be exposed to it.

Students in Dr. Christopher Phiel's Molecular Biology lab are using CRISPR as sort of molecular set of scissors, to snip apart of genomes. Dr. Phiel is aware that many students in his class will go on to graduate studies in the medical field or in research labs and he wants them to be familiar with what is currently the foremost technique for gene research.

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