APR 19, 2016 07:29 PM PDT
Here's How Our Skin Makes Vitamin D From Sunlight
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Yes, you can get vitamin D from a lot of different kinds of foods, such as your morning cereal. But, nothing compares to the pure vitamin D that your own body produces from being in the sunlight.

With vitamin D, our body helps prevent bone problems down the line. Our bodies feature the ability to go through dermal vitamin synthesis. It's a lot like how plants use photosynthesis, but instead of energy, it produces vitamin D for us.

Our bodies utilize a steroid called 7-Dehydrocholesterol, which is activated by UV-B light rays from the Sun to produce vitamin D3. The body uses this for a number of things, including strengthening your bones and maintaining your nervous system.

Vitamin D can also improve your health overall. So that's why the government had requests food makers to add vitamin D to many kinds of food on the shelves today.

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