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Genetics and Genomics 2016 - Coming To You May 11th and 12th
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Genetics plays a crucial role in the constantly growing and challenging fields of diagnosis and treatment of genetic disorders, infectious diseases and acquired diseases. This conference will focus on "Biology to the Clinic", and will highlight the topics below.

Innovations in Genomic Tools and Technologies
Genome Editing; Synthetic Biology; Methods and Technologies for Multi-Center Genetics Platforms and Research; and Moving Beyond GWAS with Functional Approaches

-Omics in Health and Disease
Single Cell Genomics; Metabolism, Mitochondria and Microbiomes; and Systems Approach to -Omics

Clinical Utility of the Newest Technologies
Radiomics/Radiogenomics; Clinical Quality Variant Annotation and Databasing; Reimbursement Issues in Clinical Molecular Diagnostics; Data Knowledge and Integration to Medicine; and Methods for Network Inference

Genomics in the Clinic
From Tumor Mutation Profile to Clinical Trials; Nucleic Acid Therapeutics; and Precision Medicine (including Noninvasive Pre-Symptomatic Disease Detection; Individualized Vaccines; Genotype-Phenotype Warehousing: Technologies for Large-Scale Analyses; Pediatric Genetics and Genomics; and Liquid Biopsy, Exosomes, Circulating DNA and Tumor Cells)

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