APR 28, 2016 12:26 PM PDT
Animals May One Day Become Organ Donors for Humans
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Animals are now, more than ever, considering using animal organs for those in need of organ transplants.

Those in need often have long waiting lists to get a new organ because organ donors are too few and far in between when compared to that of the needy.

Animals, on the other hand, which are grown for food, produce excellent organs that are potentially good for transplants, but there comes the challenge of matching blood types and the body rejecting the organ.

New research is underway to make transplants more cross-species compatible. Recently, a baboon lived on a pig's heart for more than 2 years, which broke a record. Further research could continue to extend life expectancies even further.

Yes, it looks like science fiction at first, but it seems to be becoming a reality.

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